In this project I was required to generate a series of promotional designs marketing the mid-year Media Arts Festival, using one visual theme throughout the set. While the three designs follow a consistent design language, it was expected that each design would be able to stand alone in promoting the event. The event title and tagline were established by myself. 
My main intention was to promote the Media Arts Festival by introducing it as a festival full of imagination, creativity and expressing it through the media art platform. I aimed to make my design not only visually appealing but also innovative and radiant, in order to attract the target audience who are students.
I decided to go with the flat design visual style, as it would make the poster series simple and easy to convey the key information to the viewers. The color palette including dark purple, magenta and pastel pink was applied throughout the series and was aimed to provoke a dreamy, romantic and light-hearted feeling. The fonts I used were sans serif rounded fonts, combined with the round-edge imageries to create a softer, more youthful and approachable look to the audience. In order to make the main title pop out as the focal point, I rearranged each letter and increased the size. I also added another magenta layer underneath to create a shadow effect and enhance the title even more. Overall, only the arrangement of imageries and texts were changed, while the same set of design elements was used repeatedly in the three marketing pieces to bring consistency and make them look united.
A6 Teaser Postcard
The teaser postcard contained strong imagery and some very basic information including the event title, a tagline promoting the event, and date.
A4 Promotional Flyer
The promotional flyer followed the same design language of the postcard but contained more information regarding the event, including the title, tagline, time and date; and some information regarding the work on display and the artists.
A3 Marketing Poster
The marketing poster followed the same design language of the postcard and the flyer but focused on the imagery and title; also included tagline, time and date, contact information, and sponsors.

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